“It’s not simple repetition that makes great barbecue, but a desire for excellence from a pitmaster and a reverence for the craft.”

Daniel Vaughn, The Prophets of Smoked Meat

Fred + Elliott Photography
Fred + Elliott Photography

Born near the home of Central Texas barbecue, I moved to Virginia twenty years ago to pursue a career in architecture. Numerous experiences of disappointing beef barbecue in Virginia inspired me to learn the craft of smoking meat. That inspiration quickly grew into a lifelong passion to produce the perfectly smoked brisket.


Food is a fundamental part of our memories and shared experiences. As an architect I discovered that the universal language of barbecue appealed to my passion to create, and to share that creation with friends and family. Similar to architecture, barbecue is a craft influenced by regional context, the landscape, and the skill of the maker.


After a decade of honing my craft I am excited to be able to share my love of beef barbecue with Richmond. Together with my pitmistress, Alex Graf, at ZZQ we have a genuine desire to share and celebrate the success of perfectly smoked meat and are committed to creating an authentic barbecue experience in Central Virginia.


Peace, Love, and Barbecue ,


Chris Fultz, ZZQ Pitmaster

Alex Graf, ZZQ Pitmistress