Our mission is to bring Richmond an authentic hand-crafted barbeque experience. While the pork traditions of the Carolinas and Tennessee inform Virginia’s melting pot of barbeque styles. ZZQ brings the beef traditions of Central Texas to Virginia. Our approach is to blend the traditions, techniques, and flavors of Central Texas with the regional influences of Central Virginia creating a unique style of barbeque. We look forward to introducing you to your first ZZQ experience.



 We will be serving at ARDENT CRAFT ALES [3200 W Leigh St, RVA 23230] every Saturday beginning March 4, 2017. All meats are sold by the pound beginning at noon until SOLD OUT [typically 3-4 hours].  Lines can be very long so we advise getting there early to avoid missing out.


We also accept PRE-ORDERS for pickup at 11:30 AM for a minimum order of 3 pounds or more of meat. Sides can be ordered by the single [$2.50], pint [$5.00], or quart [$10.00]. The deadline for pre-ordering is 5PM Wednesday.


 We look forward to feeding you!