Large Party Pick Up Orders

Reserve your meats & sides at least three days in advance.
Pick up is available at 10:30am Wednesday through Sunday.

Submit all large party pickup orders to



2 Meats & 2 Sides / 3 Meats & 2 Sides

10-25 Guests......$15.50 / $18 per person

26-50 Guests......$15 / $17.50 per person

51-99 guests......$14.50 / $17 per person

100+ Guests......$14 / $16.50 per person


a la carte orders available

Five pounds of meat minimum & sides as available

Additional Sides $2.50 per person

Potato Rolls $8.00 per dozen

Dessert $4.50 per person


All Pick Up Orders include ZZQ Fixin’s

sauce, pickles, pickled red onions & white bread



Beef Brisket

Pork Spare RibS

Pulled Pork Shoulder    

Sausage [beef hot guts or habañero fontina]

beef ribs [in quantities of 3 on Saturdays only]



selections rotate daily

Jalapeño Mac & Cheese

Buttermilk Potato Salad

Blackstrap Collard Greens

smoked green bean tomato salad

Terlinqua Cole Slaw

Frijoles De Charro "cowboy beans"

Orange's Texas Caviar

Daisy's Butter Beans

Mama Singh's Black-eyed Peas


}Sandwich Platters}

Chopped Brisket, Pulled Pork, 2 sides, buns, sauces, fixin's

15-25 guests.....$15 per person

26-50 guests.....$14 per person

50+ guests.....$13 per person


Submit all large party pickup orders to